• Becky Whittaker

My Very Own Office...... At Last!

When I qualified a fair few years ago now, it was always my dream to have my own office in my hometown of Chudleigh.

I was and always will be passionate about offering a service in this small but rapidly expanding town. For many years I have used the Java Room over the road from my new office at the very lovely Kingsley House, this has been fantastic but of course sharing the room with other therapists was often very difficult, especially when it came to booking the room at a time to suit me and my wonderful clients.

Now all of this booking admin is a thing of the past as I am beyond excited to reveal my brand new office! It is all mine and I am loving making it feel homely, safe and comfortable for clients to come and see me.

After lots of painting, cleaning and lugging around furniture my dream became a reality! For the lucky few that have seen me in the office so far, their kind feedback has been so positive, they tell me it is cosy, it feels safe and it feels like a quiet place away from the outside world - it seems that my clients love the office as much as I do! For those of you that have not yet been up and seen it I can't wait to show you around!

One thing is for sure - if you want something enough, dreams really can come true!

My new office

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